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We had a vision to become the best marketing and technology solutions provider that our clients could genuinely trust and rely on to achieve record-breaking growth in less time, without hassle.

We listened to our customers' concerns who were tired of wasting ad dollars with agencies and self-proclaimed experts who didn't deliver results nor understand the big picture of technology disruption and the pace of innovation that demands action. Failing to take action could mean falling behind competitors, debt, scarcity, or worse - closing the business and laying people off.

See what makes us different is that we genuinely care about you and your business success and are passionate about helping you not just win online, but become THE BEST in your space...

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Who are we?

We're an AI-driven digital marketing agency empowering local businesses to scale faster with omnichannel strategies proven to drive consistency in exponential growth like clockwork.


Our commitment to being customer-centric means that we listen attentively to your needs, collaborate closely throughout the process


We believe that technology should serve as a tool to enhance human experiences, streamline processes, and create meaningful connections.


We believe in leveraging technology to drive positive change while minimizing our ecological footprint.


We transform your challenges into opportunities for growth. We measure our success by the achievement of your goals

Services That We Offer

Done-For-You And Done-With-You Rapid Growth Services

Greenville Digital Marketing Agency offers a complete platform of omnichannel digital marketing services and cutting-edge technology solutions for businesses. Instead of searching for multiple companies to deliver high-quality projects, learn how our unified team of experts can deliver comprehensive marketing solutions that will create unparalleled results for your business.

Browse our portfolio of services below to explore your future in digital marketing!

Custom Growth Solutions

Our growth architects build customized omnichannel marketing & technology solutions to drive immediate revenue, spread word-of-mouth like wildfire, and build customer databases for automated nurturing campaigns.

Email Marketing

We can provide you with 99% Guaranteed Deliverability. We have an AI-driven email marketing system that is second to none, that produces consistent results day in and day out.

Technology Consulting

With access to the internal resources of more than 350+ Fortune 1000 business technology service providers, our Trusted Advisors play a crucial role in cyber security, Data, Voice, Saas & AI service procurement - as neutral advisors who are experts in the most disruptive technologies available in the marketplace on an ongoing basis.

Paid Marketing Solutions

Our growth solution architects assist businesses in customizing and building automated sales funnel systems to drive immediate revenue and appointments. We are premiere Google, Meta, Microsoft, & Tik Tok partners for winning advertising campaigns.

Organic Marketing Solutions

Our proprietary multi-million dollar distribution system provides fast results and a professional digital footprint or online presence. With access to some of the best copywriters in the world, we provide ongoing support and done-with-you or fully managed organic growth services to ensure your business explodes its sales revenue as fast as possible.


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Happy Clients' Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it! See what some of our clients have to say...

Isn't it time to take your business to the next level?!

Leslie Keefe


"Don’t miss an opportunity to work with a tech-first marketing firm that truly cares about their client’s business… Geoffrey has been the biggest benefit to our company! He is extremely knowledgeable, he cares about our company, he is honest and overall amazing. We would not have grown so fast if it weren’t for him! They truly Care about their clients and helping them become the best they can be. If you think too long you will miss an amazing opportunity! Go with Greenville Digital Marketing, you will not regret it!"

Ravi Patel


"As a hotel owner of 26 properties I get emails and phone calls from hundreds of companies pursuing me to try their services. It was difficult to find a company who could take care of and manage multiple items for me, while delivering great service. Greenville Digital provides me with a single point of contact for my growing portfolio of hotels with expanding marketing & IT services needs and they deliver exceptional service to us every day.


What does a growth consultant do?

A growth consultant analyzes your business, identifies growth and cost-savings opportunities, and devises strategies to improve performance. They offer expert advice on market trends, customer engagement, and digital marketing tactics, helping to boost sales conversions (oftentimes exponentially), expand customer reach, and enhance overall business growth.

How do I know if my business needs growth consulting?

If you're uncertain about your business's direction, struggling to scale, or not seeing desired results from your marketing efforts, growth consulting might be essential. It's particularly beneficial if you're facing challenges adapting to market changes, identifying target audiences, or effectively utilizing digital platforms. A growth consultant offers expertise to pinpoint issues, develop strategic plans, and implement actions for sustainable growth and improved market positioning. Essentially, if you aim to elevate your business's performance and need expert guidance to navigate the complexities of growth, consulting our team is valuable.

Are growth consultant services tailored to my business?

Absolutely. At GDMA, we believe in a hyper-personalized approach. We understand that every business is unique, so our growth systems and services are tailored to your specific needs and objectives designed to save time and get you maximum results. We collaborate closely with you to assess your requirements and develop strategies and solutions that address your challenges directly. Our aim is to deliver results that align perfectly with your business goals and foster long-term success.

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